Mr. Aragón was born in Guadalajara, México, where he began his studies in classical and flamenco guitar under the instruction of master guitarist Fernando Martinez. At 17, Oscar had already begun to play at many fine clubs and galleries throughout México and in 1984 he was invited to perform as a soloist at the largest production events at the Teatro Degollado, located in the heart of Guadalajara.

Later Oscar moved to San Diego, California where he captivated audiences at all the top venues, clubs, and theaters. After a establishing himself in the North American South West, Oscar moved to Spain where he studied with the great masters of flamenco guitar, Marote and Felipe Maya, among other guitarists native to the true flamenco heritage of Spain.


Upon his return to Guadalajara, Oscar formed a flamenco ensemble named Los Ibericos, with which he toured throughout México. Since returning to San Diego in 1994, he has performed at countless events including the America's Cup in 1995, the Jazz Unlimited Dance Company at San Diego's City College Theatre. In 2002, he was a special guest artist by the famous rock group MANA, at the Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood, California.


In 2004 he released his first original collection of compositions featuring a blend of latin and world music entitled "Vida". His second full length album, "Desde Siempre", released in Summer of 2011, includes a plethora of original acoustic guitar based compositions inspired by his life experiences and connection to nature and the earth.


Presently, Oscar performs regularly at Café Sevilla. He also leads the authentic flamenco show at Tablao Café Sevilla.
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